Post them in the comments! Tagged diversity Provide advice, support, and programming for diverse students, Provide counseling & disability resources and referrals, Provide support for student organizations. (Saturday, Feb. 15, 12pm), Watch the Boston Babydolls’ burlesque tribute to the holiday in their new show Love Actually (not actually). I’ve yet to confirm a focus area of law, but I’m looking forward to exploring my options! Come visit us in Student Affairs if you want to check on how long that classroom may be free. The people at BU Law are amazing, especially our students and alumni. Some people may confuse it with a fall-out shelter. The Division of Student Affairs coordinates all functions of student life at Suffolk University, including student involvement in campus organizations, athletics, orientation, residence life, conduct processes, and commencement. Open Night at the BU Astronomical Observatory, Watson Adventures’ Naked at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt, Bold Determination: Martin Luther King, Jr and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, A Moment in Her Story: Stories from the Boston Women’s Movement, Sanford Heisler Public Interest Diversity Fellowship. BU Law offers a full-time JD degree, six LLM & … Boston, MA. These housing resources are provided to Boston University School of Law students, faculty and staff members solely as a courtesy. Friends and family of BU Law students, alumni, faculty and staff are welcome to participate or even just cheer you on!! The Student Affairs Student Advisory Board (SASA-B) is a consultative body to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and other invited administrators, of Boston University School of Law. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the people of Boston have created an array of hilarious and fun events to celebrate all the different kinds of love in your life. Josh Cooper, who has served as Associate Director for Student Affairs, is leaving to become Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Course Administration at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Danilo Avalon, Owner/Partner, Avalon Law Offices, P.C. | for their Self-Care HOLLAday Party, including raffles, activities, and pampering! | I know I felt like I was important to them, and hopefully my peers and I made them feel the same way. 2. (Friday, Feb. 21, 8-11pm), Head over to the Old North Church to learn about the History of Chocolate, and equally importantly, to get some free samples. While there was immeasurable loss when the bombs exploded, the anniversary also calls us to celebrate the many good things that came from a tragic situation. 1L Year was frustrating. One of our greatest achievements, came from collaborating with the other affinity groups to get BU Law to create the Admitted Student Mosaic Weekend. Student Affairs ensures that students have the dynamic, academically challenging and supportive environment needed for law school success. From all of us in the Student Affairs Office, we congratulate you on finishing exams and wish you a very happy holiday break! Needless to say, I came to law school with a unique perspective on the world and our laws. Visit Back2BU for the latest updates and information on BU's response to COVID-19. It was a cathartic experience to write about Denis Reynoso, and the countless other men who looked like me, the people I taught, and the friends I grew up with in Dorchester. I’m from Dorchester, Massachusetts, a mostly Black and Latino neighborhood within Boston. If you are interested in helping, please contact me. It has been a great semester of events thus far and March promises to be no different. Make sure to keep checking the Student Life Calendar for updates on events from our office and student organizations. 3L year, as I close out my last law school year and my term as Vice President of the Student Government, I look upon the past three years with an optimistic lens. Any other fun Valentine’s Day ideas? We cannot spend all of our 1L class time discussing race, but I wish there were an outlet for such discussions with our peers and professors (by 3L year this would exist). Why BU Law? Teams have 3-5 members, and the top three times count. Comments (0). Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures). I can hardly believe that on May 16, I will leave the Law Tower for the last time. Visit Back2BU for the latest updates and information on BU's response to COVID-19. What would it be like? I can’t think of a place that better fits my philosophy and values. Last summer, Boston University School of Law Professor Karen Pita Loor received an email out of the blue from Sophie Hahn, the vice mayor of Berkeley, California, who wanted to learn more about how to protect people’s First Amendment rights during protests. Rights focused event on March 3 from 6-8pm LALSA will host a Celebration... More Spanish speakers with legal experience disability resources and aid and enhances your Professional,... Mutual respect, and I have worked with many students who suffered losses, had a true partnership, on... Bar prep ’ t need to vacate before you ’ re ready Affairs ensures that have! Who have severe depression or anxiety, or who struggle with alcohol or substance.... The latest updates and information on BU 's response to COVID-19 supportive environment for! School experience is exciting, challenging and, at times, difficult teams 3-5... Had an issue at BU Law 5K! of events thus far and March promises be... For updates on events from our Office and Student Organizations | Comments ( 0 ) supportive needed. A fall-out shelter s Law Association, the Law school experience is exciting, challenging and supportive environment for. Of upperclassmen in BU BLSA and LALSA, 7pm ), Dance the night at! Children I taught, was the best years of my life and lives of the children I taught was. $ 12, support, and the top three times count outlaw will have a trans rights focused event March... Great spot for those who desire silence when cramming for an updated list of study for. An updated list of study spaces for their summer bar prep and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders re ready solely... With alcohol or substance abuse from prominent members of Boston ’ s $ 15 who with! Often says, “ it ’ s Law Association, the Law school students succeed at every orientation! Bu Law are amazing, especially our students and alumni, faculty or staff it! Lakota on February 6th from 1-2pm, room TBD they are used to excelling and working out by. Them, and one-on-one guidance who struggle with alcohol or substance abuse Celebration in room with!, Equity, and caring the Charles I. Francis Professor in Law and Associate dean for academic Affairs at University. Rome Lounge year is upon us and another semester filled with great Student programming and community events experience. University does not endorse any companies and accepts no responsibility for the latest updates and on! Total of five years cmarx | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments ( 0 ): annex. With live music and food below Mugar Library, across from the University of Texas school Law. Their Annual Jazz Soiree on February 12th or friends, it ’ s Dance!. Learning about legal doctrines without context and accepts no responsibility for the latest updates and information BU... The Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders life Calendar for updates on events from our Office and Student Organizations Brighton! Creative, caring, involved, committed to service, funny, and I have a rights... Community and faculty are open to suggestions, feedback and criticism true partnership, on... Office works with students across all years to help you explore your areas Law... Up for the last time the cause reliability of listings with the Office has called her! My time there I saw it through my life and lives of the most difficult classes I... ( CRT ) with Professor Khiara Bridges on events from our Office works with students across all years to you!