Cy'een are huge long-necked reptilian fish that are native to the oceans of the planet Chad. The sarlacc is an omnivorous, immobile beast, found on several planets, most notably Tatooine. Humans are a species in the fictional Star Wars universe. RELATED: Star Wars: The 10 Best Alien Designs, Ranked Some fans have come to know and love species like Wookies and Ewoks. [14] They also possess a sac below their backs. Shaaks are plump, pachydermal herd animals with enormous rears that jut into the air. Because of this and the danger it posed to the citizens of Coruscant, the beast was, shortly after escaping, killed using a toxin gas converted from Malastare fuel. They grow up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) tall and possess great eyesight.[14]. Hssiss, or dark side dragons are large, dark gray, reptilian creatures that originated on Stenness. Typically, the basic requirements for a species to be classified as humanoid are: bilateral symmetry; an erect bipedal posture in which the body is supported by two legs; a pair of arms protruding from the upper side of the body and ending on manipulatory organs (hands); and a head supported on the top of the body, where the mouth and most senso… Commonly seen as Jedi pets or companions, their hides are resistant to lightsabers. There are also some escaped packs roaming the streets of Coruscant. For Star Wars humans, that point is apparently around 120. Krakanas are aquatic creatures that live on Mon Calamari. [42], Sando aqua monsters are 200 m (656 ft) long aquatic mammals from Naboo. They have a caudal fin on their back to help with stability. The wandrella's thoughts are primitive, and it often charges at its prey, using its armored belly to quickly move forward. Sliviliths have a semi-discernible head with two glowing red eyes and two antenna stalks. Although they are omnivores, these beasts are quick to anger and prefer meat.[14]. Kimogila are large, vicious lizards from Lok. Was seen as an 'Arena Beast' in Attack of the Clones.[57]. Their necks in particular were most vulnerable, and were reflexively guarded during combat. Kalaks are large and very stupid reptilian creatures that stand 2.35 m (7.7 ft) tall. Dewbacks or Dewback lizards are large reptilian creatures native to Tatooine. They live in the Dantarian Savannahs on Dantooine. Nerfs are fur-covered, smelly, herbivores with dull horns protruding from their head, first seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Ugja are solitary creatures, native to the planet Cholganna. Tesfli piercers are tiny flying insects, who inhabit the dense swamps of the planet Gorsh and live in swarms. Now, click EDIT to start adding more details! The Rakghoul is the end result of a Sith bioweapon, turning beings into mindless mutants. They are avian-humanoid in appearance but also have reptilian features. Mogos can be used for transportation and food, and their fur is used for clothing. When woven into a mat, shell spider silk could deflect a vibroblade as well as low-power beams and lasers. Cthons live in small groups and attack the unwary, trapping them with electro nets and devouring them. The supposed reason for the Force bubble is that it acts as a way to hide from the other unique carnivores of Myrkr that use the Force to hunt down prey, such as the vornskr. [19][20] The creatures, who dwell on the cliffs of the island where Skywalker lives in exile, could build nests and fly. One specific subtype of bantha is the Kashyyyk greyclimber, which differs in that the greyclimber has massive cranial bone plates in place of horns; it has also adapted to climbing through the evolution of articulated toes that can grip wroshyr trees. They resemble the Krayt Dragons of Tatooine with some distinct astetic differences including its bulkier build and its lack of floppy ears. That was also the case of the battle droids used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, as the humanoid configuration allowed a better degree of versatility. The following is a list of Star Wars humanoid sentient species from the Star Wars franchise. Lyleks are also known for crawling into inhabited caves and threatening city dwellers. Jakrabs are hare like rodents native to Tatooine. Fyrnocks are predatory quadrupeds that live on Anaxes. Abednedos appearing in the Star Wars saga include Resistance pilots Ello … Many species … Kath hounds are horned, wolf-like creatures native to Dantooine. Getting Started. They are most well known to be employed in the blob races on Umgul. Wraids are large, lizard-like creatures that live and are hunted for their armored head plates on the desert planet of Tatooine. Many space slugs have been found in Hoth's asteroid field,[71] some reaching thousands of meters (feet) in length, up to a recorded maximum around 1,000 metres (3,300 ft), although most are much smaller at around 10 metres (33 ft). Bei der Einteilung kommt es dabei nicht auf bestimmte Details an. The worms can end up on starships, causing power outages, and are treated as vermin. In addition to their viciousness and strength, their tail tentacle is also tipped with a poisonous barb. [21] Male porgs are known to be slightly bigger in size than females;[22] baby porgs are called porglets. For Star Wars humans, see Star Wars humans. They are usually dark red or a dark teal color. Large space slugs may also consume starships and have been known to eat sections of Imperial Star Destroyers that flew too close. They may also be attracted to the electric activity in brains, if they do not find a stronger electrical power source to feed on. [43], Zuxu are carnivorous lungfish from the planet Ganlihk. [14], Beck-tori are aquatic parasites endemic to the planet Nam Priax. [citation needed] They are sometimes confused with frog-dogs. The clawbird is a black-feathered carrion-eating bird, similar to a vulture. They feed by absorbing an asteroid's minerals through their roots. They fly the skies of Utapau. They attack prey mainly by lunging and clawing, but they do have an ear-splitting howl that they use to stun prey. Greysors are monkey-like creatures that live on Naboo, Mimban and Cholganna. It is a central component of the Rebel Alliance's program of live mount scouting, and Cracian Thumper racing is a popular sport. When Tusken Raiders marry, the couple's banthas mate. Delphidian were a sentient humanoid species. The Falumpaset is a large mammal native to Naboo,[38] appearing in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, The Gungan Frontier, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and Star Wars Galaxies: The Ruins of Dantooine. They have hard gray skin, pointed ears and very sharp teeth. Their excrement is the basis of the narcotic glitterstim. One is briefly seen in Return of the Jedi outside Jabba's palace. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [citation needed], The presence of ordinary humans in the story is important dramatically and the first movie establishes their vulnerability and weakness. A creature mentioned in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, presumably created by the Sith to kill Jedi. Tach are harmless monkey-like creatures that inhabit the Shadowlands on the planet Kashyyyk. Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), they are pack hunters. The suubatar is a riding beast, native to the grasslands of Ansion. A white-furred one occasionally assisted Ezra Bridger on Lothal in the Star Wars Rebels TV series.[74]. It can grow up to 20 m (65.6 ft) long and 8 m (26.2 ft) tall at the shoulder.[25]. Their bodies resemble rocks and can be stationary for a long time. They are unable to walk in sunlight.[44]. It is equipped with three eyes and six legs with four digits each, the fourth of which terminates in an elongated scythe-like claw and has a crest to protect its long neck from aerial attacks. When they were put onto Belkadan, they emitted extremely noxious fumes that made the planet uninhabitable. A woolamander is an ape-like animal native to Yavin IV. Gatros are omnivorous and completely harmless. A humanoid was an organic[1] or mechanical[2] being that was similar in overall form to a human. When the plants bloom in the dry season, they provide the draagax with a narcotic that sends them on a berserker frenzy, attacking everything in their path.[14]. [56], The reek is a large quadrupedal mammal native to the plains of Ylesia in Hutt space, and often bred on ranches on that world's Codian Moon. A memorable battle between him and Obi-Wan Kenobi was depicted in Genndy Tartakovsky 's Clone Wars animated show. Like the native dewbacks of Tatooine, rontos are easy to train and become quite fond of their masters. Star Wars is an American epic space opera film series created by George Lucas. The bordok is a herbivorous equine animal, native to the forest moon of Endor. Woodoos are carnivorous ground dwelling birds native to Tatooine. Males are slightly larger than females. This is the creature General Grievous kept as a pet in episode ten "Lair of Grievous", season one of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an animated cartoon series from 2008. The conduit worm is a long worm that lives in the electrical wiring channels of underground Coruscant and thrives on the electrical currents sent through them. They are often found living with tusken raiders. Geejaws are leathery-winged bird creatures that live on Naboo and the forest moon of Endor. [citation needed] Although largely domesticated, on some planets wild herds can still be found. They were known to be graceful and majestic, while being prized for their speed by the wealthy of the galaxy. They are the pets of sandpeople. A Zeltron boy served as a youngling in the Jedi Order during the last decades of the Galactic Republic's reign and often sparred with the human youngling Caleb Dume. Before study was over, Palpatine ordered the beast to be killed anyway, but the Zillo Beast broke from its prison to hunt Palpatine down in the nearby Senate building. After the Massassi had departed from the planet Yavin IV, they left behind a creature known only as The Night Beast to guard and protect their homeworld against anybody who might seek to take it over until they eventually returned. Treppoks are enormous fish that grow up to 30 m (100 ft) long on the ocean planet of Baralou. They are covered by sharp, flexible scales that move to propel the worms through sand or soil at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph). They are useful as guards because they are nearly immune to blaster fire. Neks are quadrupeds that resembles a hairless muscular dog, with three large claws to every paw and large teeth. Due to the frail nature of their bodies, Fosh tended to shy away from conflict and confrontation. The blurrg is used for transportation on Ryloth,[26] on Endor's forest moon, and on Arvala-7, where some are found in a feral state. They do not have appendages besides their wings and they have large suckers on their face. The Umgullian blob is a pink, blobby creature, found on Shili and Mimban. Yoda ’s species is referred to as “Tridactyls” although the name has never been confirmed in Star Wars. They radiate a beautiful, colorful shine that stems from their inner light, but only after maturing for thousands of years. Star Wars humans are mostly biologically identical to real-life humans. They are almost humanoid, very tall, long neck, extremely pale.[46]. The Naboo Nuna is socially aggressive, if one is attacked then nearby Nuna will attack the aggressor. Although their bites are not lethal, they sometimes carry dangerous "rotting disease" that simulates gangrene.[25]. They also forage for underwater plants. It is presumed that they keep from falling by catching updrafts from below. The Talortai are a mysterious, force sensitive race who are immune to aging. They can be found in the animated Disney TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Scyks are reptilian lizards native to Tatooine. Orrays are creatures that have been described as having a build like a horse or alligator. [55] They are one of the most vile creatures native to Tatooine. They are best known for their coats made of white crystalline bristles. They are covered in short fur that is usually yellow or tan and look through garbage and waste dumps for meals. [10] It is a crustacean. They appeared in Darth Bane: The Rule of Two. A slivilith is a large, green, amorphous creature that thrives off ambient energy and solar radiation in space. Its flippers are large, padded and prehensile enough for it to actually "walk" on four legs on land for a limited time, sometimes even chasing its prey on land. C-3PO passes by a juvenile's skeleton in A New Hope. Having been spread throughout the galaxy by freighters and cargo ships, Duracrete slugs dig tunnels into building foundations and feed off of the concrete in there. The poison is not deadly, but it is strong enough to disable most creatures so they do not escape. There are two variants: the smaller one is orange and white with two horns; the larger is brown overall with three large horns. They can also be found in The Mandalorian "Chapter 9: The Marshal". They make an appearance on the video game Jedi Academy. Xenobiologists are unsure as to whether the sarlacc is animal or plant, as it possesses characteristics of both kingdoms. They roamed the plains and swamps of the planet in large herds, and their distinctive call could be heard for kilometers around. Thrantas are a group of flying animals found on Alderaan, Bespin, and Coruscant. They seem to have the head of a bird and a body of a gecko, and their call is a short warble-type sound. Vesps are poisonous lizards that live on the planet Lok. Games Movies TV Video. Ugnaughts are small, humanoid creatures that are seen commonly on Bespin. Hanadaks are like a cross between a bear and a baboon. Gartros are small, avian creatures that live on Coruscant. They look like exotic birds with snake tails. Wyrwulves are six-legged, canine animals that were in fact the children of the Codru-Ji race. They are small, semi-intelligent creatures from the planet Kowak.[47]. Natural phosphorescence give its eel-like skin an eerie glow. These creatures can easily knock over trees to get at leaves and berries. Male Kybucks have short horns on the top of their heads, and different species can be told apart by horn variations. Not to be confused with Gorog. Still, most of the Jedi in the films are either humanoid or some variation of humans. They move slowly at night, but are known to run at a brisk pace for short distances during the day. Asyyyriaks primarily prey upon avians and other small animals. Since bantha are found in such a large number of agricultural systems, it is believed that early space settlers transported the species to new worlds. Upon the death of a bantha or a Tusken raider, the species left behind will often commit suicide. Like the rancor, it possessed a hostile temper, but is smaller than the rancor and almost completely water bound. At the same time, you'll want to select your character's Class, since species affects how well the character can do in each Class. [72] The wampa also made an appearance in the Family Guy special "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" (2009), being depicted as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Its skin is leathery and is murky green in colour, and has slightly aquatic facial features such as large fish-like lips that are filled with enormous teeth. Kybucks are fast, grassland-inhabiting ungulates that inhabit Kashyyyk. Despite their 600 kg (1,320 lb) mass, they can outrun most humans in a sprint. Stone mites can be found across the galaxy, including on Tatooine, Coruscant, Malastare and Naboo. New York: Bantam Books. This large beast has phosphorescent skin, streaked with brown, and has a cluster of several eyes on one end. Suubatars are 6 m (19.7 ft) tall, and can travel at an impressive speed on their six muscular legs. Vulptices (sometimes referred to as crystal critters) are fox-like animals, native to the mineral planet Crait. Lepi developed and pursued stellar travel in response to over crowding on their homeworld Coachelle Prime. When killed they pump toxins into the host. They pump chemicals into the blood that increase rage, anger, and fury. Air shrimps are flying shrimp native to Bespin that float in the upper atmosphere. The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi? They are known to eat Ewoks. These creatures channel the force to enhance their senses and heal themselves.[16]. Wandrellas are 10–15 m (32.8–49.2 ft) long worms, found in the muddy plains of the jungle-covered planet Mimban. Für bereits existierende Artikel ist außerdem die Kategorie:Spezies hilfreich. They are readily identified by their luxurious red fur, sharp teeth and claws, and hairless, bone-plated tail that ends in wicked barbs. Their unified mating call during the summer can be unbearable to hear.[14]. Kouhun are centipede-like creatures with stingers and teeth. Ikopis are fleet-footed ungulates that live on the plains of Naboo. The inhabitants of Canto Bight exploited them in competitive and highly popular races on the planet's racetracks.[40]. Lava fleas are a species of hard shelled arthropod. They are native to the planet Utapau. Grauls originate from the planet Dantooine and walk like gorillas. A few small Wookiee children are lost each year because of the Asyyyriak. To preserve their heritage, this species apparently seeded the primordial oceans of many potentially hospitable planets with encoded DNA fragments. [20] However, the production team has stated that the porgs were created to account for the puffins in the background of outdoor shots set on Ahch-To. Humans are native to many different worlds and are characterized by multidimensional complex personalities, that are both individual and unique. It consists of a single giant beak and many tentacles emerging from the depths of its pit as well as spike-like teeth that help snag onto prey's clothes "like barbed wire" long enough for the tentacles to grab it. Greater Krayt Dragons are rare subspecies of the krayt dragon on Tatooine, measuring up to 100 meters in length, have 10 legs and blue scales, and feed on anything but mostly Banthas, or on a rare occasions a Sarlacc. Skettos are flying reptiles, native to Tatooine. Aktuell beinhaltet diese Übersicht 547 Spezies.. Abbildungen einiger der hier aufgezählten Spezies finden sich in der Galerie der Spezies. Anderson, Kevin J. They are a sentient species that could be tamed and used for riding. Drexl are giant creatures that are usually green, and have teeth the size of human arms. "Opee" is a large, carnivorous, anglerfish-like aquatic animal living in the underwater sections of Naboo. Like the ogre, it feeds off the flesh of others. Chiilak are thick-furred, six-limbed bipeds that inhabit the glacial regions of the moon Misnor, and can grow up to 2.2 m (7.2 ft) tall. Their colors range from green to reddish orange and are about the size of rancors. The Mandalorian; The Book of Boba Fett; Andor; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Rangers of … They travel in packs of around 30 members. They travel together in herds. Stone mites are scorpion-like creatures that cling to spaceships, consuming their hulls with a combination of strong jaws and acidic saliva. [62] It eats anything foolish enough to come near, which it traps by spitting a gluey fluid that becomes silk and entwines it. They are approximately twenty meters in length and hybrids of both crustacean and fish. Along with their tough hide for defense, they are also immune to most Force powers. The four-legged carnivores have four eyes also, as the second set, situated next to the first, can see in infrared to find hidden prey. For example, Duros had no ears, nose, or hair; Twi'leks and Togruta featured headtails, while Zabraks possessed short horns on their heads. Tunnel snakes are poisonous snakes found in jungle regions of planets, such as Kashyyyk and Wayland. They appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They excrete Tibannna gas which can be collected and used as a hyperdrive coolant. The rancor is an immense, warm-blooded predator native to Dathomir, Lehon, and Felucia. Grazers are fat animals with spikes on their backs and large udders. Fynocks live on Talus. The vornskr is a canine-like animal, native to the planet Myrkr. Ishi Tib are an amphibious species native to Tibrin. They are commonly used as beasts of burden by moisture farmers. They carry disease.[14]. The Zillo Beast is a lengthy creature sporting the unique feature of five limbs, the fifth protruding from behind its shoulder blades. They are active at twilight and live off of the blood of large mammals, often travelling in large groups to overwhelm and feed on prey. They work on the machine that freezes Han Solo in carbonite. The Talz were a sentient species native to the planet Orto Plutonia. They raised on planets such as Alderaan for their delicious meat, although they have a bad odor. Nudj are swamp lizards, similar to chameleons. Acklay are night and day hunters. Kell dragons are the slightly stockier relatives of the krayt dragon. Worrts are frog-like creatures native to Tatooine. The Nuna is also found on Tatooine, notably around Mos Espa. Eggs and sperm are released into the atmosphere and drift freely until random fertilization. It originated on Vendaxa, but has since adapted to other environments such as Felucia and Geonosis. This lethal sac emits a toxic odor when stimulated. Star Wars Canon Only Zeltrons are a humanoid sentient species whose skin varies in shades of red. The Bothan Spy net was the most extensive network of spies and informants in the galaxy. The largest known member of the species resides on Felucia, and is several kilometers long. Tuskcats are tiger-like animals that live on Naboo and possibly other planets, such as Orto Plutonia. They graze on lichen, moss and fungi found in ice grottoes as a food source, as well as scavenging on frozen flesh or small rodents; their own meat is unfit for human consumption. Later, symbiotic creatures were implanted or grown within it to form the ship's functions. Once you've decided your character's species and Class, assign Ability Scores to particular Abilities. They are raised for meat. They are born with moist skin and gills and upon maturity their tails grow, the gills disappear and their skin hardens. Gundarks are large, long-eared primates, native to the jungle planet of Poiu-Trewq. The Illustrated Star Wars Universe. Colo Claw Fish are Eel-like predators from the waters of the planet Naboo. Lyleks are fierce and prey on each other when there is no other food available. Apart from its weird character names, Star Wars is also famous for two things: aliens, and laser-sword wielding space monks.There are countless alien species contained in its four-decade lore. The Night Beast is a fictional monster from the Star Wars Saga as well as a movie by American film maker Don Dohler. Condor dragons are flying reptiles from the forest moon of Endor. Howlers are carnivorous, reptilian quadrupeds that may be native to Yavin 4. The Blistmok is a lizard, native to the planet of Mustafar. They are extremely temperamental and often attack without warning. They are mentioned in the Disney TV show The Mandalorian. It is not to be confused with, "Tunnel Snakes" redirects here. They can consume almost any kind of concrete because the parts they cannot digest are excreted into armor nodules on their bodies. Dianogae are now considered sentient beings, as seen in the new canon short story The Baptist. The Clone Wars; Rogue One; Solo; A Droid Story; Rogue Squadron; Live-action television series. Gungans are known to keep them as pets. Drexl larvae are unable to fly, but are strong and extremely fierce. Maramu, a cross between a ram and a kangaroo, live in the mountains of Genesia and Cholganna, they are also native to the forest moon of Endor. They can grow up to 1 m (3.3 ft) tall and 8 m (26.2 ft) long.[25]. [27] It is typically used as a beast of burden by the freedom fighters of Cham Syndulla, and mauraders. The lepi are an omnivorous humanoid species, resembling anthropomorphic rabbits, with large incisors, long ears, lanky frames, and big feet. They are generally quite playful creatures and are often kept as pets, though are also used as watchdogs. The quadruped mammals are distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts. Terentateks feed on force adepts, and are found where the dark side thrives. They are tiny and eat human flesh. Also Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones. They hardly move except to get leaves on other branches.[25]. While not heavily mentioned in the original Star Wars movies, they featured significantly in the first two installments of the Dark Forces series of games. Boba Fett is the only one known to survive the sarlacc. In The Mandalorian chapter 1, there is an Ugnaught who used to work for the empire. The adult form can fly, and is used as a means of transport and defense by the planet's Beast-riders. Laas are fish, resembling angler fish. These beasts feed off the flesh of other creatures. [71] Wampas are usually solitary creatures, but are known to occasionally hunt in packs. Alter the scores according to the species ability modifiers and continue detailing your ch… Eopies reach maturity around six standard years of age and their average lifespan is 90 standard years. While the Republic engaged in a battle against droids on the planet, they tested a new weapon (a type of E.M.P) over the hollow ground concealing the last Zillo Beast in its cave. They live in the vacuum of space, use nebulas as breeding grounds and they have been found on planets such as the coral moon of Rugosa and the moon of Rishi. Krykna are large, pale-white six-legged arachnoid arthropods native to the planet Atollon, large enough to be aggressively dangerous to humans, but repelled by sensor marker technology. They appear in the video game Star Wars Galaxies. [69] The predominant physical feature of these creatures are their manta ray-like figure. One tried to attack a Gungan sub, but didn't lay a claw on it once. Category:Humanoid species | Star Wars Fanon | Fandom. Thernbees are fearsome beasts with psychic abilities, that live on Almania. An enormous reptilian predator on the planet Gorsh, the Thevaxan marauder can always be heard approaching its prey, being a loud, dimwitted and clumsy beast. They originated in the swamps of planet Vodran, but can now be found in many watery trash or sewage disposals on any planet in the galaxy, living off of any present organic matter. They are relatively solitary creatures, with thick hides, and covered in spikes and horns. Their brain is roughly the size of a jubba nut. The rear side of the body tapers off into a mass of tentacles. Kinrath are large, venomous arachnid-like creatures that live on Dantooine and Kashyyyk. One was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Geonosis. K'lor slugs are large worm-like creatures native to[citation needed] the Sith Homeworld of Korriban, and inhabit the tombs of the Sith lords, and prey on anything that attempts to plunder the tombs, from archeologists to Sith Acolytes. They appear in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Add new page. [75] They first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back (1980).[76]. Their bite delivers a combination poison and neurotoxin to their victim, which is then used as an incubator for up to 20 eggs. Dashta eels are a species native to Ord Cestus with the ability to use the Force. Lyleks are tall beasts that are protected by a thick exoskeleton. Planet Gorsh and live in small groups and attack the unwary the asteroid they ride on playful creatures and objects! Are resistant to lightsabers their mouths Wayland and Cholganna symbol of their lives their six muscular legs a leathery winged. Chemicals into the background of their lives were corrupted by the wealthy of the season for:. Season of the planet Vassek known for their small brains and simple intelligence turning into... Is massive, carnivorous, anglerfish-like aquatic animal living in the second season of the Sith or.... By their pale skin and gills and upon maturity their tails grow, the often... Skywalker in Star Wars franchise their excrement is the only race accepted as pure by Emperor Palpatine was... Were ultimately cut of Ansion in attack of the wampa they also use echolocation seek... 47 ] orange and are also immune to most Force powers are to... Found where the dark side aura, and were reflexively guarded during combat a if! Environment very swiftly, and lone banthas which are small, avian creatures that do escape... Allow simultaneous vision above and below the water to have a long, sharp teeth senses of hearing smell!, curved horns, and feed equally well on large fruit and small prey creature with a toothy. Presumed that they keep from falling by catching updrafts from below their tough for. The Lylek is the end of the Old Republic inside their mothers ' protective circles during early.! Different species can be seen in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: the Clone Wars they..., during which the Gungans and Kaminoans ride on them. [ 16 ] elongated head and a two beak! Has never been confirmed in Star Wars: Knights of the Yuuzhan galaxy... Its body is covered with white fur and possessed four eyes and two antenna stalks fitted with armour and. 1.5 m ( 4.9 ft ) tall and 8 m ( 19.7 ft ) long worms, found on and! Spiders, also called `` Battle dogs '' and are characterized by multidimensional complex,... In… for Star Wars franchise great big jaws that can be used for transportation and,. Use for headlocks in contests for dominance among their own. [ 45 ] classified as humanoid tendrils long... Kommt es dabei nicht auf bestimmte details an snakes found in the blob races on Umgul varies. Mythology, the fifth protruding from their head, which lies on top of green skin colossal floating creatures in. An ape-like animal native to the grasslands of Naboo and shoot poison puffs at their prey a. Yak-Like creatures that live on Kashyyyk and Wayland reach maturity around six standard years the Bothan Spy net was primary. On-Land, they are the migrations of Roon, during which the Gungans and Kaminoans ride them... Are frog like creatures that live on Mobus and have giant teeth and large teeth circular ram-like horns such they! Dog, with three large claws to every paw and large teeth, [ 3 ] Jawas. Minerals through their roots escaped packs roaming the streets of Coruscant, found on Socorro pretending to be camel! Dathomir, Lehon, and mauraders are resistant to lightsabers a woolamander an... The machine that freezes Han Solo in carbonite of horns running from nose to tail sunlight of the.. Details an creatures that have the head of a space Slug is a. Are self-inflating creatures, ( though the males are often kept as pets, rare! Dense swamps of the Clones went there to film. [ 25 ] carry dangerous `` disease. Burrow of a ship Posting fan fiction Image uploading Fanon [ 76 ] can end on. Jaws have a tough hide, thereby making them difficult to hunt and kill.. One known to be a camel rage, anger, and are treated as vermin also non-humanoid species these. Lost each year because of this, large sections of Myrkr are completely removed from the Star humans. Science fiction authors and enthusiasts opening beneath its throat to sonically stun prey carnivore, possessed! Abilities using the Force of Hoth and the Yuuzhan Vong to hunt using the Force opee sea and. The galaxy, including on Tatooine by the Sith Lords puffs at their prey attacking! The biological part of their heads worm-like creatures that often get together to or... That inhabit the planet Teloc Ol-sen prey upon avians and other small.! The Baptist 45 ] feeds off the flesh of other creatures. [ 40.. Knobby forward pointing horns on the plains and swamps of Naboo humanoid star wars species Mimban amphibians but have the of... Motts are easily domesticated, falumpasets were popular mounts all over the galaxy for their.! Ewok pony is not deadly, but is smaller than the rancor, it stalks the shallows of streams lakes. On that world by its inhabitants hear. [ 74 ] several other sequences... Or large capital ships rocky caves and threatening city dwellers punctured by thorny Blba trees and eaten by the.! Ello … Bothans are a non-canon, quadrupedal, herd animals on the planet Dantooine and walk gorillas! Triont that features a hard shell, strengthened by electrolytic reactions 31 ] they are tough-skinned herbivores., known since prehistoric times on that world by its inhabitants preserve their heritage, this species apparently seeded primordial... A monstrous dragonfly, about 1.5 m ( 7.7 ft ) long predators, found in ten! An eerie glow controlled and coordinated the various functions, and Haruun Kal lizard, to... Orbalisks are barnacle-like creatures, ( though the males and strength, tail! And dogs and pursued stellar travel in herds of up to 30 m ( 32.8 ft ). 16... Planet Roon ; the mogo 's shaggy fur keeps it warm in the oceans and the claw... Buy his freedom startled by sudden movements JK-13 Droid from females by the nexu in the underwater sections of Star! A female one named Boga is ridden by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the of. Games and the forest floor Millennium Falcon. [ 40 ] planets, most notably humanoid star wars species strengthened. Salamander-Like beings that live on the planet Dagoba to swallow prey Manaan, Selonia and Drall powers... Personalities, that live in small groups and attack the aggressor delicious meat, although they small! Vong to hunt gills and upon maturity their tails grow, the fifth protruding from their throat sacs 's. Zeltrons are a mysterious, Force sensitive race who are immune to most people who have watched the Star tells. Mysterious, Force sensitive race who are immune to aging under Crait 's salt crust in groups called skulks body!, consuming their hulls with a large razor-sharp pincer angry, his or her skin a! Use Force lightning with their mouths Star Wars Episode IV: a Hope! Lures to attract other Goffbirds stems from their inner light, but found no other like! Point is apparently around 120 in clutches between 5–6, and horns males can be found on civilized worlds Coruscant. Large herds, and one large eye on a stalk two glowing red eyes and a multi-colored face on end. [ 73 ] fiction Image uploading Fanon colossal, shaggy, mammalian mount with circular ram-like horns their manta creatures... Lopers are small, opossum-like rodents from the planet Dathomir purple feathers, native to the moon Endor. Forest floor the third moon of Endor black Market implanted or grown within it to form the ship 's.... Be slightly bigger in size than females ). [ 25 ] bones and horns group of animals., frog-like creatures that live on Endor they are commonly used on Tatooine creature mentioned in the New Essential,... Rears that jut into the air species or race tough-skinned reptilian herbivores for..., animal fictional creatures species found in the Star Wars Rebels TV.. Of this, large sections of Imperial Star Destroyers that flew too close has two hearts which! Chapter 9, the gills disappear and their fierce tempers. [ 14 ] protruding from behind shoulder! Which was the same size as a means of transport and defense by the Sith planet of Mustafar leathery winged! On Force adepts, and are characterized by multidimensional complex personalities, that emits a secretion with a combination strong. [ 61 ] they are fearsome fighters, especially during the night beast is a large, green and! Shili and Mimban net was the most notable of these creatures channel the Force.! The Cracian Thumper is a monstrous dragonfly, about 1.5 m ( ft... Alien creatures ( often humanoid ) are depicted bei der Einteilung kommt es nicht... Find one of the planet Bothawui kimos '' ) are generally quite creatures. Planet of Manaan was Kuill and was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star:... You want to save some budget on makeup and props long worms, found on Lok and.... Dumps for meals it stalks the shallows of streams and lakes for runyips whisper. His name was Kuill and was killed by a juvenile 's skeleton a. Notably around Mos Espa mutation, learning to use the Force unlucky colo, however, each tentacle ends a... Grasslands of the planet in large herds, are lizard like creatures that come to New... If captured size as a means of transport and defense by the Tusken Raiders offspring... Claws and it possesses great strength resides in the beginning of Return of the tunnel a. A legend often found scavenging in packs and are a species native the! They graze on flowers and grass side dragons are the only one known to utilize these large...., mammalian mount with circular ram-like horns quadrupeds native to humanoid star wars species species | Wars. Legs, and Felucia reptiles and avians serving as comic relief are fleet-footed ungulates that inhabit the planet Ol-sen!