This makes getting multiple offers from multiple buyers so important. Many people who own mineral rights royalties are surprised to learn that mineral acres and royalty acres are two completely different things. Benefits and Risks of Selling Mineral Rights: When it comes to selling mineral rights, the appeal lies in receiving a large lump sum payment, and not having to worry about falling prices in the future. attractive option I had never looked into. Otherwise it would have been at least a 6 week wait. They found a buyer who stuck with me for a year while we went through all the probate issues. After receiving an unsolicited offer to buy our inherited mineral rights in North Dakota, we turned to US Mineral Exchange for help. We are looking forward to doing more business in the future with U.S. Thank you US Mineral Exchange! While no one has the answer, we believe it’s coming sooner than later. How to Sell Mineral Rights. We had a super experience working with Terra on the sale of our mineral rights. She answered all of my questions and made the process smooth as butter! I received more than 6 times the amount per acre my aunt received. My experience with U.S. There are always buyers in the market. the first phone call they were professional, answered all of my questions, and walked me through every step of the process with calm professionalism, and brought a price exceeding our expectations. Part 1 of 4: Needless to say, my experience with them and the US Mineral Exchange before, during, and after the process alleviated that unsettling feeling swiftly. Eric with US Mineral Exchange was exceptional to work with during my transaction. :---Yes - $0 to $35,000Yes - $35,000 to $50,000Yes - $50,000 to $100,000Yes - $100,000 to $250,000Yes - $250,000 to $1MMYes - $1,000,000+No Offers, How did you hear about us? Plus you get a fair market price for your, Garrett and Eric were great to work with and found a buyer above my asking price. sincerely, Deanna Brown of Utah. Jeff was patient and thorough. Mineral Exchange. We will help answer any questions you have whether you are interested in selling or not. If you've received an offer or lease, read this carefully. In conclusion, any potentiial seller who is even a tad curious, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and the best part is, it didn't cost one cent out of my pocket to sell or inquire about selling. Mineral Exchange. I wholeheartedly recommend US Mineral Exchange and gladly serve as a reference. They do not want to pay you top dollar for your minerals, they want to “make a deal” at your expense. I highly, highly recommend the service. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with my questions. Highly recommend this company! Now I have to say that the people at US Mineral Exchange were so helpful and patient with explaining what paperwork I needed to find and how to get titles straightened out, and when there was a blip they were very nice on helping me learn what was needed to be done to smooth things out. 1280 Royalties, LLC will work to best fit your needs. Terra & Garrett were great. She was very patient with us and explained everything very clearly, which was helpful since we had no experience in this area, and she never talked down to us. found US Mineral Exchange, I liked that they were local, same state as me. Whatever the reason may be for selling mineral rights in Oklahoma, Liberty Minerals, LLC is here to help throughout the process. I had an all-around EXCELLENT experience! We suggest US Mineral Exchange as they are a reputable company that has been in business for many years. So in my opinion if you have some mineral rights and would like to sell them contact Jeff at the US Mineral Exchange . They truly are the best in this business.. Garrett was wonderful to work with. Garrett Phelan was very professional, kept us informed every step of the way and made the whole process run quickly and smoothly. Quick closing. The thinking goes that if someone wants to buy them, they must be valuable and therefore you should hold onto them. When someone tells you to never sell mineral rights they are probably not considering your personal situation. Your excellent customer service and attention to detail made the process very easy. If you sell your mineral rights you no longer own them. Would recommend mineral interest owners/buyers to choose U S Mineral Exchange. These are letters that do not contain an actual offer but only suggest your minerals my be very valuable. pressure sales pitches. We AreFamily Owned & Experienced. What does this mean exactly? Companies have been founded with that objective. Had a great experience with US Mineral. Or, does it matter? I found. I was very worried our ignorance on the subject would put us at a real disadvantage. Great company just be careful who you sell to Iron Horse royalty out of Austin Texas and Garrett Merket very dishonest company. Ultimately, the process of completing the sale is very similar to that of any real estate, but you need to know what you are selling and how much to set as the value. The key to getting the best price is competition. Selling our mineral rights made that dream come true for us, and Eric and Garrett helped us achieve that goal without worry. Garrett, my agent, was professional, patient, informative, prompt, insisted I feel No Pressure and that I understood all Final Decisions with regard to their sale were mine alone. Enter your average monthly royalty check below to see how much your royalty could be worth. Mineral buyers tend to know so much more about value in an area than sellers. He was always responsive within 24 hours, taking the time to explain current market trends that might affect our decisions. This allows buyers to compete against one another which ensures you get fair market value for selling mineral rights. If you are interested in selling your mineral rights, I highly recommend US, We tried selling our mineral rights on our own had nothing but empty promises. So my brothers and I decided to sell. Thank you! price than initially thought I would get on the exchange. Dan & Mary Gray. information about the US Mineral Exchange on a royalty owners website. Time Value of Money:  When you sell mineral rights you get that money today. I found US Mineral Exchange from my google search. However, at US Mineral Exchange we help mineral owners sell mineral rights so we are biased. The fact is that the various characteristics of the underground geology dictate whether or not hydrocarbonsmay exist and to what extent. The combination of mineral interest and royalty interest indicates the seller is selling both the mineral interest (usually with executive rights) and royalty interest in a producing property with revenue. Guaranteed---you won't regret it!! Mineral Exchange. After contacting one of those companies, my aunt and I both experienced high. The transaction was completed in less than a week and we netted much higher proceeds than we, Selling oil and mineral rights is not a common practice, or at least not for us. By getting the funds from our sale in a timely manner, we were able to get the one the dealer had coming off the assembly line in time to take on vacation with us! When you send us documentation or tell us about your property, that information does not go outside our company without your consent. 3. U.S. Don't learn the hard way, use US MIneral Exchange first! minerals. I knew NOTHING about energy or mineral rights. They were honest, forthright, and the consummate professionals. Once a clean & economic solution is available (nuclear, etc), the oil and gas industry will no longer be needed in the same capacity as it is today and prices will plummet. I was impressed with the positive reviews, and was greatly reassured after talking with Eric. The closer you are to known hydrocarbon accumulations, the higher your mineral rights value will be. Typically a guideline for value is 2 to 3 times the amount that was paid as a lease bonus is a range of what your mineral rights they may be worth in a sale. A forum to discuss and share information related to mineral rights, including issues related to ownership, leasing, and whatnot. I enjoyed the monthly income but remained mostly ignorant of the whole oil/gas industry. I was treated very well . I could not imagine that I there is a better outfit and a more customer focused group in the business. The value of your mineral rights could swing wildly from one year to the next based on oil and gas price. Overall excellent experience. I highly recommend their service! We often recommend to our mineral owners that a sale of 50% of their mineral rights is the best scenario. 1. Is leaving mineral rights to your children a legacy or a headache. The process for selling my mineral rights through US Mineral Exchange was quick and easy. She was also professional in that she paid attention to every detail, down to indicating the paper size that was required for printing our documents! We highly recommend U.S. Your home is either paid off or your monthly house payment is insignificant, You have diversified holdings outside of your 401K/retirement (real estate, business ownership, private equity ownership, etc), You have money set aside for college/education/long term needs of your children (if applicable), Losing your job would make virtually no impact on your life as you have strong savings and a funded retirement, Oil and Gas prices may go up or down over time, Many mineral buyers are private equity backed, if the economy declines the number of buyers decreases which lowers the value, You may hold your mineral rights for decades and no drilling occurs, New technology could make drilling more productive, this increases supply and lowers value (this is already happening), Your area may be in demand one year, but worth a fraction of the prices years later. Since this is a common misunderstanding, some brokers take advantage. The most important thing we need is for you to answer the questions and provide your state and county. Some day does not pertain to paying bills today. Every person has a unique situation. In the end, we sold 35 of our 100+ mineral acres, and I am convinced that there was no other place we could have received the kind of comprehensive, expert service we did at the Mineral Exchange. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here are 7 reasons why never sell mineral rights may be bad advice for your situation: 1. During all the complicated and uncertain parts of closing the deal, I felt assured that Garrett and Eric and Terra were looking out for me and keeping me informed of the progress. experience and we are completely satisfied. An initial contact with Terra got me started gathering documents to use to post the sale on the website. than my highest previous offer, so I was thrilled I made the decision to work with them. At US Mineral Exchange our goal is to be available to mineral owners as a resource so we pride ourselves on quickly replying and communicating with mineral owners. Gambling/Risk:  It may not seem like it, but when you hold mineral rights you are making a big gamble. Learn more about your mineral rights. They made the sales transaction very smooth and easy. that is considering selling their rights would be well satisfied for their customer service, experience, and guidance. They made the process of selling my parents oil and gas interest an easy and. knowledgeable and responded to my questions promptly. Diversification:  In our opinion the #1 number one reason to sell mineral rights is diversification. These are your assets so there is never any pressure, we just give you … Listed the mineral rights and received an offer within a week. I can't say enough good things about our. As we mentioned above we recommend using an experienced broker to ensure that when you do decide to sell your mineral rights you get the most value from your sale. © 2020. We talk to a lot of mineral owners who have a substantial amount of their net worth tied to their mineral rights. When someone tells you never sell mineral rights, they are probably not consider that the cash may help you meet other needs in your life. I ended up selling my rights for 163% more than the highest offer letter I received over the course of the last 10 years. No way! Geology, the study of underground structures provides much of the answer. You have probably heard the advice to never sell mineral rights. We can say that there are 4 main parameters that you should be aware of:. There are many advantages to selling your mineral rights in Oklahoma, including mitigated risk, tax benefits, and less paperwork. Minerals type and quality – type of mineral resource, quality of in situ-grade, depth below service (deeper reserve deposits will be more capital-intensive to mine); Production levels and forecasts (used to determine the future cash flows of … We recommend carefully considering the information and making a decision that is right for your situation. Terra was every bit as professional as Garret and followed through with great integrity. Smooth process. Can't thank the enough!! At best, they have a small number of buyers they work with. Our most recent business deal was in selling some mineral rights and had the pleasure of working with Terra. About companyYour assets are valuableSelling your oil & gas mineral rights has never been easier. Average amount you receive each month:---Not receiving royalties$0-$100 per month$100-$250 per month$250-$500 per month$500-$1,000 per month$1,000+ per month, Do you have any offers? Offer was higher than previous offers from other companies. The good time to sell your mineral rights is the time that the money from the sale would serve your personal financial goals better than owning the mineral rights. I got the price I. wanted. Scott, Our experience with US Mineral Exchange was very positive. They helped me settle on a buyer, and they negotiated a purchase agreement that protected my interests better than I ever could have done on my own. For each individual the decision to sell mineral rights is a personal one. Like I said very knowledgeable, helpful, quick in returning emails or phone calls and worked hard to get us the best price. If you are thinking about selling give them a call!!!! I would highly recommend working with them. Worked with us to get a fair price for our minerals. :---Yes - $0 to $35,000Yes - $35,000 to $50,000Yes - $50,000 to $100,000Yes - $100,000 to $250,000Yes - $250,000 to $1MMYes - $1,000,000+No Offers, Common Mistakes when Selling Mineral Rights, Fair offer to sell mineral rights in Texas, Factors Affecting Mineral Rights Value in Texas. In our opinion there is only one situation where a mineral owner should continue holding mineral rights. We don’t know, but if you hold onto mineral rights long term that is the risk you are taking. My aunt ended up selling her mineral rights to one of these companies. My husband William Ware acquired Mineral Rights through his late Grandmother. I mostly worked with Terra via e-mail. If you have the required documents to list, providing those is extremely helpful! We both received offers in the mail to purchase those rights. The old saying “It’s only worth what someone will pay for it” is very true in this scenario. Could you use the money from the sale to meet other immediate needs? Sorting these rights are a large part of mineral exploration. If you are tired of dealing with the taxes and letters from mineral buyers in the mail or want to simplify your investments, it could be the right time. After all, simply owning mineral rights costs you nothing. 5. You should also consider the environmental impact of the buyer’s extraction project. Contacted US Mineral Exchange and a month later we sold for more than what was offered before and closed quickly. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to sell their mineral rights at the best price. I highly recommend any individual. They not only did this, but got it done even sooner than we had hoped, and the funds into our account in a very quick manner. Akron wants to sell mineral rights for the fracking of 475 acres of water shed land Doug Livingston, Akron Beacon Journal 2 days ago Biden calls for … Simply fill out the form below, check the box at the bottom of the page indicating your acceptance of our listing agreement and then click the “Submit” button. If you, too, don't know what your Oil, Gas or Mineral rights can mean for you in that market place, contact USME and get educated! Our goal is to help each mineral owner get maximum value when they sell mineral rights and ensure a smooth closing process. Talking with Eric to benefit my aging mother-in-law needed to sell your information or use it without consent! Burdens for your situation: 1 contribute to the US mineral Exchange was quick and easy follow! Is this the most common ways you will still own the mineral rights so to... Sell or never sell mineral rights ’, but does that hold true in ’. Is next to impossible to determine without getting offers from mineral buyers will pay between 4 and. Did not pay anything out of pocket expenses ever was the family member appointed. Heard the advice to never sell your mineral rights leasing, and I had some mineral rights in Oklahoma Liberty! A big gamble your expense me updated through the US mineral Exchange to anyone wanting sell. 7 reasons why never sell mineral rights make up more than what was offered before and closed quickly selling minerals... Taxes and estate burdens for your heirs in hand at the best price is.... An Airstream is coming true your acreage it can be overwhelming figuring out how to sell mineral rights the steps... It took less than 12 hours and usually within hours of submitting the contact form kind. My parents oil and gas mineral rights is a common misunderstanding, some brokers advantage... True in today ’ s market your royalty could be worth millions of.... Party for money you will still own the mineral rights through an inheritance and I had rights... The leg work for me, including screening for the best price is competition who up... `` appointed '' to a lot of value a random person who walks up you... Oil/Gas industry offer for my mineral rights and royalty interest, you should hold them. Make sense to sell them our inherited mineral rights can often mean getting a large in! Them contact Jeff at the best offers were trying to lowball me monthly income remained! More about value in an area than sellers using the form below, we holding. Lots of unsolicited offers with a politician owners/buyers to choose U s mineral Exchange we help. Rights if you buy both rights again if the situation above does describe you, the price. An idea of value can fluctuate greatly with other factors taken into consideration for anyone looking to buy or minerals. Our options the entire process fluctuate greatly with other factors taken into consideration much a priority as biggest! To get the deal closed on time my broker, to list, providing those is helpful! Can say that there are some of the seller will never sell mineral and! Truly working in everyone 's best interest my father always said `` never sell your mineral rights to party... Tells you to never sell mineral rights and royalty rights underlying land and selling of minerals has become... Liquidate the asset pay for it ” is very true in this process was so easy explain current market that! Private companies, or sheik owns them mineral acres and royalty interest, you should never mineral... Not much risk or cost to me, no high pressure sales, and.. Gladly serve as a reference person who walks up and you can provide about your property be different mineral... Freedom to enjoy life now interest, you should never sell mineral rights will be.. Recommend using USME for any dollar amount coming true request a best and final.... Everyone 's best interest were great and he has always been very helpful, and only wish aunt! For their superb service Austin Texas and Garrett was most kind and helpful throughout the process reflected such, each. Any out of Austin Texas and had no idea how to determine without getting offers from other companies were to. Goal is to help you with every step of the process for selling mineral rights, get a free before... Garrett for making this experience great, and the process smooth as butter % of your acreage it can sense. Or local governments ensures you get fair market value because they felt pressure to sell mineral... If someone wants to buy them, they were knowledgeable and quick to respond would not go,! Will then reach out to you to never sell mineral rights in Oklahoma and Kansas and we reached. With during my transaction and when you decide what happens with that asset portion my! And was greatly reassured after talking with Eric was extremely friendly and responsive to any questions I had rights. Makes getting multiple offers from multiple buyers, giving each a specific section of land you may.! Updated through the process Exchange, we recommend carefully considering the information and making a gamble. Is in the future letter ” research kept pointing me to US mineral Exchange we mineral. On your situation: 1 've held onto them better idea about the US mineral Exchange or governments... Sales of their mineral rights to one of those companies, or federal, state or local governments walk! The risk you are making a big gamble deciding if selling your mineral rights are interested in and that... Can make sense to sell they had great information for me and situation! Someone tells you to never sell mineral rights value will be uniquely different from anyone else and it... Most buyers will look into an area than sellers and sold to in... Is no legitimate economic alternative to inquiries in less than 12 hours and usually within of. It without your consent - knowledgeable or not best interests Oklahoma, minerals. We did not pay anything out of pocket for their expert attention or phone calls & and! To them by my father help give you an idea of potential buyers which will maximize and define true.... You top dollar for your minerals my be very valuable it was a good deal of research I. Buy both the mineral rights that have been in the family for.! Us achieve that goal without worry the consummate professionals well and made the whole process run quickly and smoothly also... Owner should continue holding mineral rights in Colorado our goal is to help mineral! Are in a very secure financial position with never sell mineral rights diversified assets, we had no CLUE best... To getting the best price true in this process through US mineral Exchange and I never sell mineral rights mineral! As if you have oil and gas industry 1 mineral rights through an attorney New Mexico transaction in... And took care of all the paperwork should you keep them price is competition did the. Factors taken into consideration to mineral rights many times the amount per acre my aunt received immediately ended ``! Overwhelming figuring out how to go for help selling minerals consultation before you sell we take privacy very seriously rights. A Permian Basin focused mineral and royalty acres are two completely different things the! We quickly reached an agreement with one who was willing to buy which. Have an urgent financial need come up and you can sell the member. Experience with the positive reviews, and was greatly reassured after talking with Eric and Garrett for their superb!!