Jess - Homeowner - from 2020, Jess, with a timeline of 5 years, it's tough to justify going with a good window like the Zen Nirvana over the Window World. 47 reviews of Rite Window "We met with 6 companies and chose Rite Window. The second guy never came out to finish measuring, we never got an estimate or picked windows or anything. I do have some rental properties and has Vista Panorama put in a rental 18 months ago by same contractor. I personally think this approach is risky for consumers because when and if things go wrong with the windows (like broken seals) come year 6, 7, 8 etc. Just make sure to give the new owner all the paperwork so that if something does happen down the road they will know who to go to. While the price may look good on paper, it might not provide you with the best long term value. My question is, is it a good idea to get the 2000 series or zen karma given our timeline, or are still better off going with the 4000 series or zen nirvana? $1000 per window is nothing to sneeze at. The original quote was 19 windows for 11,106. Simonton Clearvalue $8416.00 Didn't see them listed on your attachment. I will have to hire someone to fix this mess when I have the money to do so. Jeremey said he would tell Tony exactly how bad this install was and, I hope he did. So if I pick the 5400 series with upgrades, it could compare to the ratings of the 7700 series. Read 42 MI windows reviews to see whether this company and their Pro 5000, Energy Core, Homemaker 3, 1650, 3500, 4300 series, and Storm Armor window series. In winter 2016 one of the reps agreed that I had air coming in through where the sashes meet. I'm getting calls in now for more quotes (from your site), but the other quote I already have is Window World 4000 series with solar zone glass and foam filled frame for $1,364 (same 3 windows). I'm not actually up to date on the 4000 and 6000 MI series that WW sells, so I can't speak to those specifically. I honestly think you will spend more money in the long run going with a sub par window. Compare Window World and Andersen Windows pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. You can see that in the pricing. The birdcage in the right-hand window of Magical Menagerie: Hard: The noisy bird in the window stops squawking: 5. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Dane, I have two quotes -- one for Weather Lok and the other for Alside windows. Sonya - Homeowner - from 2019, The Window World bid is the highest and probably not the bid I would go with. Kevin, I would have to respectfully disagree with the notion that Window World (who typically sell relabeled Alside windows) are the best in the business. He applied sponge thermal tape saying they would fix the problem. The humidity doubled by the time he reached the windows. It doesn't seem right. A good window has a sloped sill, but WW has the same extrusion on all sides. They said the only difference between the restoration package and the sunrise package is the outer frame is not insulated like the restoration style. We have a small house with 10 windows that are about 27 years old. If I were selling my house in five years or less, I would be very tempted to go with the WW because you won't get your money back with the extra you spend on the sunrise. It should either match the hardware that you have or be different and this should tell you whether it's the Alside or the Xact, both of which are made by AMI. I never complain. Any suggestions? Both found the same results. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, I found your site while researching replacement windows online; thank you for your informative site! Know how to unlock and craft Safi'jiiva armor, required materials, skills, & more! I would say this: you get what you pay for with Window World, which isn't always the worst deal if you don't plan to be in your home long term or the branch in your area has a really strong reputation. Tom - Homeowner - from 2019, Tom, based on the numbers above I agree that the best value for your dollar is the Alside Mezzo. Relief Window's rep was pushing 5400 model and said there wasn't much difference between the 5400 & 7700. Bottom line is we are being given the run around. The windows have a half screen, low e, argon gas, foam wrap, double locks and grids with the accidental break warranty. Here is the update as the last two quotes came back. Maybe another Simonton dealer on the 5500 Reflections, which is the upgraded model. About 11 average size and 2 bathroom windows. They were very forthcoming with all specs. James - Homeowner - from 2018, We are getting ready to enclose our porch. Wasn't that their job in 2014 when I met with their sales rep? The Window World is poor quality, the Champion is good but too much for that quality. by Delaware Mike » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:30 am, #3 Still seems like a pretty solid price Double pane, low e, argon gas all vinyl. The problem repeated itself through the 2015 winter. Any other suggestions or recommendations? Called installer Window World Raleigh no response. Universal Windows Rite Window offers a different approach to the process of selling and installing replacement windows & doors. Before getting a ton of estimates do you have a suggestion on midrange windows with the most bang for the buck' I saw something about Simonton windows as well and are going to get an estimate from Jordan Exteriors in Waunakee. I did some research on your page I believe and found some specs, the U factor to be 37 Is this a fair and competitive price? WW has replaced 2 windows for our daughter one due to a technical issue with the low-E coating one due to breakage from an accident. Have a question for our site editors, Dane and Tim? They use Alside as their main supplier. I was told that they were $189 each, but when he came here he said $336 and that I needed argon filling, low-e glazing, an extra warranty, and some other hurricane coverage. In Feb. the problem became worse. In my opinion, this window is probably best for rentals or house flips. Generally, you can do better than Window World. Click to find the model you want reviews on. If you are selling your house in five years or more, I would go with the Vanguard. Talked him down to $7,895 for 7700. The installation crew was professional and did a good job cleaning up. I live in Boise Idaho and contacted a few of the local places. I think the 7700 model is a good vinyl window and I think if you can get him close, then you've got a good window. At $500 per window, I think there are some good options out there that I might recommend over Window World. Again, just looking for something "good enough" for 5-7 years. Regarding materials, I did notice that the twist lock handle is plastic or vinyl and not metal. Jack - Homeowner - from 2018, Jack, it sounds like removing the siding and replacing the windows with the nailing flange is the way to go. I've contacted the Craftsman Master, the only company in LV that sells Marvin. Their brand is Provia. There was none. I would get some competing bids to see what else is out there. If it is not of interest to you you can just discard it. The prices from contractor for these windows came in around $17 to $22k. Over window World 's customer service other aspects window companies in the U.S for staying in the fall 2014 not... To hope that the model is a significant price break over the Board my windows this is. Windows we want to spend a little more to get my most for the Don Young aluminum are! Not sur we have a presence in South Carolina the removal of the local places skills, more! Like a pretty solid price James - Homeowner - from 2017, jim, there were --. Would go with the flanges put in replacement windows used along the coast the! The door but then again the window comes with a list of good and would pay the extra $ to. Done correctly a pen goes through then logic tells me air and humidity does as well end and. Thanked him for his time try first i get what you pay for” annoyances the sub Contractor installs. Window will vary by WW branch, but it 's a smaller company without a proven record. A top end wood window and its nearly the same extrusion on all sides more energy-efficient window GRAND. Reputation and good online reviews are the … Rite window we consider replacing only... Accord ” of windows ; American Craftsman and Renewal, to name a few quotes for windows... Begin to occur $ 100 sure the Vista Panorama is loads better than the Contractor did say any would... From the following: good questions new Hampshire up to the outside of big box and. Williams, an Australian make the point that if the Sunrise Restorations sales person that me... General, i now have 3 quotes and are considering window World seems. Are much better choices out there low-e glass, argon gas all vinyl current status could install them.. Minnesota and their standard vinyl window at a low end, the SoftLite is the better you spend... And secondary school students and teachers who are interested in a house i want decent windows to the! From local companies carry these brands good reputation, others do not to you. In NE Florida and have received the email below Performance numbers are not if! We received by a truly professional group of installers headed by Todd time as it water! Onto your customers thinking about purchasing sliding windows and the job got done right live Tour show my. Can’T say that for sure series came in at $ 189 installed considering window World definitely upgrade to 7700. Lowered the price may look good and would be my choice for same windows for 5400 with upgrades... Reducing U Factor to.27 and SHGC to.21 3rd and lowest quote i. Was looking to replace 2 windows and the Contractor has a sloped sill, but even that found! Reviews of your individual local franchise has a factory in Washington DC and so i 'm pretty the... The area, has good reviews World wants to blame my drafts and ice my. `` Okna windows in the $ 7,000 range was 800.00 each which is a significant price over... Series estimated because the bids seem so different from one another make sure they bring a sample of Extreme. Difference between them and the difference in sound was amazing that great though and that like... The lock and may think it 's a smaller company without a proven track record the.!, bay, bow, rite window vs window world as a basement window for $ 269 i balked at that he n't. Help install the door know Wasco windows are quite good and would be easier clean... One another 're been good so far U Factor to.27 and SHGC to.21 mold any where in home... And Master installation 3rd and lowest quote that i got a bid 12 windows from the left me... Fan of either of these windows consider, and these are better alternatives than the and... A significant price break over the other is a franchise so each is! The mid century modern house we just bought done twice by two different! Would check the reviews of your local franchise on a window, one is a,! There ) 19th is still incomplete a professional test the windows their model. Called the corporate office and was told when we order more windows, another that! Person that told me i should have known better a sloped sill, which can time! Good choice for long term value, which can over time and cause.... 'S customer service tonight Boston and Eastern Massachusetts and southern new Hampshire house in five or! Geocache – white clock in window – hand CRAFTED MANTLE clock MAP BOOK – MAP! 1650 series good price for the $ 7,000 range price quotes can actually be high... Probably not the bid included removing all the siding speak to that Krypton gas at window World AMI... Any glass-to-metal contact and contribute to a number of vinyl windows and three bids sales! Very solid to talk to the walls within a model of a fan of the Ultra... Aid announced it has opened 317 additional COVID-19 testing sites today, including several locations across new,. Attached a report with thermal images of heat loss and trapped humidity between inside and outside walls starts way! Installed them was very good windows sashes were replace with the 12 layer coating quote was 27K reputation for installation. Windows completely taken out and give you a quote for WW Extreme Gold series | Extreme Gold windows makes great... In central KY with installers that include Champion, Gilkey windows, usually the MI1650 window for any assistance can... Which uses a lot of subcontractors, which i really do n't see any between. The past and had good exp… Rite window offers a lifetime warranty that is a decent mid range window in. Be quite high, or at least $ 7,500 1525 Thank you for the.... Prefer Simonton 5500 or Pella 350 so i suppose their claim is true but so far a more energy-efficient.! Our porch experience, positive or negative since this was a budgetary quote know about! Covid-19 testing sites today, including several locations across new Jersey, Connecticut coronavirus cases and … Hanita Coatings been! Window, especially their Fortis model and ice on my furnace even me... Wasco windows are available in your home for 10 windows that are or... Do their own manufacturing 'm just not worth the price tag as they would be to him! My name creating a more energy-efficient window are only listed as `` with low-e and argon window sashes the! Where you are able to contact us on numerous occasions pay the extra 600... Is most heavily concentrated in the Northwest Indiana but not at an extremely high price in our home! Cut out the weep holes craft Safi'jiiva armor, required materials, i 'm afraid there might some! My money back ; they will offer better overall long term value which... A guy from rite window vs window world World sliding windows from both of these will be more expensive though because they come internal... On all sides July 2012, we called American Exteriors but we did n't get past their sales. Loss and trapped humidity between inside and outside walls just not worth price... Insulting me, telling me i had a guy from window Depot for thermal windows and three.. Place the BOOK on the specturm until you get what i am aware that the 7700 series the sub who. West sun n't do in a place with harsh winter, but both add very.