Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, California Map. Plant life, however, has adapted and the flora is diverse. Hotels, Motels, B&Bs During the off-quota season there is no limit to the number of overnight users in each zone. If you are planning a lake vacation be sure to check about water levels. The ski areas were finally blessed with SNOW! The hike to Lake Aloha is the ultimate day hike in Desolation Wilderness. … Tourist Attractions Trip Overview: ~12 mile relaxing backpacking trip in Desolation Wilderness. The Great Reno Balloon Race—9/9 – 9/11/16, Reno—This is the 35th year for one of Reno’s most colorful and spectacular events! //-->. google_ad_slot = "8466062329"; Awesome hiking from late spring to late summer. Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used wilderness areas in the country. Wedding Venues google_ad_client = "pub-5890974185233656"; I want to go backpacking in Desolation Wilderness for a few days in late June with my son and see that zone 33 (Aloha Lake) is already permitted out. Yosemite, Oregon ... Another issue, is the warm summer months are the best to complete road work. It is located west of Lake Tahoe and north of Highway 50 in El Dorado County. The only thing you might lose in this extreme, otherworldly landscape may be a few unwanted pounds. Rectangle */ Click here to learn more. I want to go backpacking in Desolation Wilderness for a few days in late June with my son and see that zone 33 (Aloha Lake) is already permitted out. We taught ourselves to fish for trout. Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used protected areas in the United States. It attracts nearly 100 hot air balloons. It is accessible from the Eldorado National Forest and Lake Tahoe Basin. Reservations start on April 15, 2004 for the entire quota season. Camping fires are not allowed in the area. A subreddit dedicated to backpacking in the wild places on earth … The Desolation Wilderness is located just to the southwest of Lake Tahoe and north of Highway 50. So it goes for NorCal’s Desolation Wilderness just west of Lake Tahoe. The Plague! Nov 22, 2014 - Explore Amy Matchan's board "Desolation Wilderness", followed by 180 people on Pinterest. California’s extreme drought has created some long-term consequences. Camping & RV Parks, Destination Explorer We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Desolation Wilderness Trip Planning Guide to Welcome to Your Wilderness 1 Desola on Wilderness Zone Map 2 Find Your Path 3 ‐ 4 Visit for the Day 5 Tips for Travel 6 Camp Overnight 7 ‐ 8 Preserve Wilderness 9 Explore—Trail Mileages 10 All Local Area Activities Only four miles from the trailhead, really easy hike, but great destination. Desolation Wilderness area consists of 45 different zones, each requiring a specific permit. Backpack to this secluded destination that's hidden from most of the traffic in Desolation Wilderness. Our group was stopped and we had to produce permit for inspection less than 2 miles from Echo Lakes. ||  Desolation Geology ─ The granitic mountains of the Desolation are part of the massive Sierra batholith, the combined masses of granitic rock that have been uplifted by tectonic action to form the 400 mile long Sierra Nevada range. The charts include the distance one way to the destination, the difficulty rating for that section of the trail, and the zone you will be in when you reach that destination. Late June is prime time for mosquitos. There is a quota on overnight use from the Friday before Memorial Day through September 30 of each year. Because of its beauty and accessibility, Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used wilderness areas in the United States. Sonoma It does look like a good spot and makes sense for my son and I. I did American Lake last year and it was great. It sounds medieval, but chipmunks and squirrels around Lake Tahoe can carry the Plague and health officials urge caution. Desolation Wilderness Area ─ Zone Quotas. Napa Valley Near Aloha, but pretty quiet when I went, Here are some photos:, I never bothered getting permits, they are all self serve at the trail head, there is also no enforcement. Thank you for the photos, looks great. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather stations. pee-kerchief Toilet paper, small bottle Purell, and extra plastic bag for used TP Thank you. Attractions and Considerations : Desolation Wilderness, 63,960 acres of subalpine and alpine forest, granitic peaks, and glacially-formed valleys and lakes. Permits must be obtained in person at offices which issue Desolation Wilderness permits. There are several trailheads in the vicinity of South Lake Tahoe, with access from Highway 50 and Highway 89. But don’t let this scare you away from enjoying 64,000 acres (100 square miles) of subalpine and alpine forest, granitic peaks, meadows of wildflowers, 75 glacially-formed lakes with names, and countless ones without names. Yes, It’s Still Water! Ashland  (Coming soon) Desolation Wilderness. 357 votes, 15 comments. The trail starts from Bayview trailhead and offers sweeping panoramic views on the way up to Granite Lake, and from the top of either peak. Visitors can also explore Desolation Wilderness starting from Echo Lakes Trailhead, Glen Alpine Trailhead, Bayview Trailhead, Loon Lake Trailhead, Buck Island Trailhead, and Horsetail Falls Trailhead. I will be with my 11 year old son and it will be his first backpacking trip so I am thinking no more than 6 miles from a trail head. google_ad_height = 250; Map of Desolation Wilderness, southwest of Lake Tahoe, California. , Things to Do I have also camped zone 29 and Gilmore Lake but the mosquitoes were so bad I have not wanted to go back. Theme Parks Desolation Wilderness Permits and Quotas Because of its beauty and accessibility, Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used wilderness areas in the United States. Good resources: For more information on local attractions, click on the Lake Tahoe Attractions or Recreational Activities. That rafting trip, fishing, or skiing may be impacted. This combination can create very long delays in certain sections. The nearest temperature station is XN TAHOE VALLEY AP which is approximately 9 miles away and has an elevation of 150 feet (1,850 feet lower than Desolation Wilderness). Desolation Wilderness map + printed permit Black Diamond Storm headlamp Digital wristwatch Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight & Watertight First Aid Kit .5 Toothbrush, toothpaste + floss Sunscreen + lip balm Duct tape + p-cord bracelet Pee rag, a.k.a. I did a trip to Twin Lakes last August and it was amazing. Big Band Jazz Concert at the Sugar Pine Point State Park—9/4/16. From Berkeley, take Interstate 80 up … The recent drought took its toll, but finally were seeing some action…. Nice. During the winter months, most of the trailheads are covered by snow and are not accessible. Dick's Lake may be favorite place to camp, you can access it a few different ways. This Wilderness area is split up into 45 different zones, with each having a specific permitting quota. /* Med. Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival—7/8 – 8/21, North Lake—Imagine your toes in the sand, a fantastic bottle of wine nearby, a gourmet meal in hand and first-class entertainment before you…, Labor Day Lake Tahoe Fireworks Extravaganza—9/4/16 @ 08:30 PM. This Location The Tahoe to Yosemite, Tahoe Rim, and Pacific Crest Trails through Desolation Wilderness : Main Features: Meeks Bay is the trail head for the Classic Tahoe to Yosemite Trail, and an excellent entry point into the Desolation Wilderness for short and medium distance backpackers as well.. We completed this short distance backpacking trip over 3 days in July of 2018. Labor Day Lake Tahoe Fireworks Extravaganza, Big Band Jazz Concert at the Sugar Pine Point State Park.