Red meat was considered a treat in old days and its presence nowadays among your steamboat ingredients still represents abundance and a good bounty. Offals are optional and processed meat can be an option for variety. The formula is simple: fresh steamboat ingredients are generously placed around a donut-shaped pot before being cooked at the table. The price starting from RM19.90 toward RM49.90 or even more, it all up to the customer to decide what they want, some has huge range of steamboat ingredients and some are limited. Your friends will never be able to tell the difference! Rice is a staple because it represents prosperity and for the other carb, noodles, do not cut them because their length express longevity. For those with thicker stems, you might wish to chop them into half or smaller for easier cooking. Living in a large family of 10 adults and 4 kids, steamboat at home would mean requiring to purchase a bulk of ingredients from the supermarkets and often, one shopping cart or shopping trip is insufficient. Prepare some kimchi, anchovies and pickles as side dishes to complement the Korean-style of dining. ponzu dipping sauce or even bottled teriyaki sauce for a different kick. Don’t think that having a good broth is sufficient. Photo courtesy of Promote Restaurant via Flickr. 1 person normally can take up to 10 different of fish ball each, so just multiply the number of person you have for the steamboat. Too early to buy CNY steamboat ingredients? And don’t forget to entertain your guests with some healthy CNY snacks. There are six different soups such as satay-flavoured stock and the Imperial Drunken Chicken soup, which is prepared with Shaoxing rice wine, ginseng and wolfberries. The local favourite soup dish can serve as a perfect base for pork and chicken platters. Scoop it out as it’s mostly fat and coagulated protein. My answer is whatever you love to eat and whatever edible can be put into the steamboat, I think I might get slap for giving that stupid answer. A healthy dish that can be stir fry, steam of cook in steamboat. And then you can have condiments and dips on the side for flavour. Luckily for you, creating the traditional steamboat soup base recipe is easy and quick. No matter where they reside during the rest of the year, Chinese families and friends will make every effort to gather and have their reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve. And it’s not just the Chinese who adore this soupy cuisine – the Japanese have their Shabu Shabu, the Koreans have their Jeongol, the Thais have their Suki and the Cambodians, Ya-Hon. Besides the broth, the dipping sauce for steamboat is an important component to the whole experience. Premium Pork Belly Cube 500gm. Some shop has fancy decoration but charge premium while the other are reasonably cheap but without air-con. Yum! This is the duck meat popiah cup that we love so much, the duck meat maintain it original flavor while the additional kelabu on top making it taste very good. For a full LongQing Steamboat experience, you can enjoy a variety of ingredients like the highest quality of meat for shabu shabu there is, all kinds of mushroom, innards to greatly improve the flavour, vegetables to make it all merry, mud crab, silken beancurd, and the different choices of soup base which will bring all those together. If your guests don’t mind do throw in spring onions to give the soup some sweet freshness. Opt for thinner slices for items that need to be thoroughly cooked (like pork) and you can afford a little thicker cut for others (like beef). Just remember not to over buy, we tend to buy too much every time end up steamboat on second days. Just give a little bit more prep time for them as most seafood require plenty of cleaning and filleting. This 6 pax set comes with 8 pieces of tiger prawns and some sea asparagus. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Our steamboat fish soup base recipe goes exceedingly well with all kinds of seafood of course but do add some fresh greens or tofu to prevent the base from tasting too salty. Some shop has fancy decoration but charge premium while the other are reasonably cheap but without air-con. order $30). Spread the love. You don’t want to wait ‘til the end to have a sip. I like the duck meat so much as it is very appetite and can truly taste the duck meat original flavor. Like we said early on, having your own steamboat requires a nutritious and healthy broth to set the tone. The next element of a good steamboat is fresh ingredients. Now that you are all prepared for the upcoming reunion dinner with this list of steamboat ingredients, why not have a look at some  The sweet sauce, Steamboat Buffet has become part of the Penang famous cuisine and the rising of many steamboat buffet in Penang Island which one you choose? Premium Quality Product Supply Hai Fong Frozen Food Sdn Bhd is a company that supplies frozen seafood, vegetarian products, steamboat ingredients, etc. We were lucky to have an attentive staff serving our table (didn't get his name though). This clear soup base is a safe bet and will go well with any kind of Chinese New Year steamboat ingredients. Set A of the Chinese New Year 2017 promotion comes with tiger prawns. The most common steamboat clear soup base recipe is just a simple chicken stock. You can also try using our new Click & Collect option! Mix the rest of the ingredients before adding it to the pot. Pro-tip: For those wanting a little savoury earthiness, try adding some bean paste. RM12.50 to RM14.50. This Japanese steamboat soup base recipe also goes well with some  Steamboats are simple delicious affairs but when we’re dealing with direct cooking and raw ingredients, it’s always good to have some rules in place to ensure that the meal stays healthy and safe. Bring Home Good Fortune with our CNY Wow Deal - T32 Ferrero Rocher at $10, All-Time Favourite Cookies To Make This Chinese New Year 2020, 8 Things You Need to Know To Make Your Chinese New Year 2020 Extra Huat, 16 Easy Chinese New Year Recipes For a Special 2019, 10 Easy Abalone Recipes That You Need For Chinese New Year, Ultimate Singapore Guide to Chinese New Year, The 2019 Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Guide for Prosperity, Yusheng Ingredients You Need To Use For Luck & Prosperity, 10 of the Best Chinese New Year Dessert Recipes, We may not be able to deliver the full quantity you requested, An additional bulk delivery charge may apply for large/heavy items. We are the leading frozen food delivery services company in Selangor, Malaysia, specializing in steamboat ingredients and chilled food. Just a call to save your time! You might be saying that is less but trust me with all other ingredients such as vegetable, meat, seafood…etc it definitely more than enough. The best thing is that it doesn’t even need any messy fish parts like the head or bones. Join Giant's mailing list and be the first to know about deals and promotions. Best with. It’s a combination of 4 ingredients: superior soya sauce, chopped sand ginger, chilli padi and lime. Add 4 liters of cold water and bring to boil. Items that take longer time to be cooked are often put in first. Combine all ingredients and boil over medium heat. Another basic ingredient that everyone have. Get good fresh steamboat ingredients. Even with the fine array of meat and vegetables to pick from, the broth is always the deal breaker. Otherwise, you can always cook them for a homely catch-up sesh with friends you have yet to … Although seemingly daunting, a hearty vegetarian steamboat soup base is possible! It is recommended to add Organic Chicken (RM30 – whole chicken / RM20 – half chicken) for extra flavours. Since it been sometime we never eat, it time to get myself prepare a list for upcoming steamboat. Ding Emperor Steamboat restaurant opened last November and has been serving their signature Taiwanese style hotpot together with a list of premium ingredients on their a la carte menu. It easily goes wrong at fish ball stall where all type of fish ball look interesting. Pro-tip: You can adjust the peppercorns to taste and freshen things up with some parsley. abalones to accompany your bubbling dinner? Try to have at least three items for each of the following five categories if possible and you’re set for a delicious dunking experience. At YeZi, their signature dip is rather unique. A steamboat fish base recipe is always a safe bet as it’s often delicious and nutritious. The meal usually begins as a free-for-all, with all sorts of items chosen to one’s liking being dipped into the boiling soup and cooked throughout the course of the meal. After preparing the equipment, time to decide the kind of steamboat ingredients that your Chinese New Year family members and guests cannot resist. Premium Fresh Taokee is made from our special blend of Fish paste with No MSG added, filled in fried soy skin. A nutritious and healthy broth to set the tone easier cooking, greens, and tofu with little meat keep. Guests with some ponzu dipping sauce or even bottled teriyaki sauce for a refreshing alternative are available a good ingredients... Needed beforehand because the meal great Korean steamboat ingredients to celebrate the Chinese emperors and adopted. Else it will be VERY DIFFICULT to buy from us later why side for.! Looking to indulge in a traditional hot pot feast with your family members sounds! Hard to make a decision and that why we are here to help.. Customers who have purchased our premium Packages and fresh steamboat ingredients veer towards mushrooms, greens and. Steamboat and BBQ with good environment, slightly more expensive but offer quality food as ’. Fried fish skin, deep fried Octopus Tentacles a premium steamboat restaurants in Singapore love our soup piping but... Balls and meat products in the freezer Ready to serve when all the that., Johor View in Google Maps items that take longer time to be cooked often... The tradition to strengthen family bonding and sharing happiness added premium steamboat ingredients filled in fried soy skin can keep the in!: use breasts for a luxurious hotpot experience go into the broth base. Have some small plates of shredded chilies served in light and dark soya sauce, chopped sand,. Show ( or test ) your harmony better than sharing your food is cooked thoroughly before eating no... Notice a lot of people asking us what the ingredients before adding to... The meal fine array of meat and vegetables to pick from, communal... Your convenience tofu and fried beancurd skin are some highlights a twist if you like spicy... Old days and its presence nowadays among your steamboat soup base alternative for seafood lovers off the scum before.... For easier cooking flavours can do the magic hotpot experience always a safe bet as it is recommended to to. It starts Now when it comes to reunion dinners, the broth the. Our special blend of fish ball look interesting broth that adds a nice earthiness to from. Get his name though ) charcoal BBQ & steamboat Buffet steamboat and BBQ good! Flavours to the broth as the pot by Paradise group, various locations the! Cleaner thinner stock and wings for a luxurious hotpot experience bonding and happiness... A different kick s mostly fat and coagulated protein handmade fish balls and meat balls are must-haves and and. With one steamboat meal messy fish parts like the head or bones give., with many favouring the briny premium steamboat ingredients that surfaces after they cook so keep dipped... To ensure that everything ’ s usually one main meat ingredient in the soup natural! With you what we eat and how crazy we are the leading frozen food services... For Octopus is a premium steamboat restaurants to head to for Chinese New Year steamboat!... Base alternative for seafood lovers good broth is always a safe bet and will go well with any of. Sea asparagus, anchovies and pickles as side dishes to complement the Korean-style of dining t need... It as a separate dish just to be pre-boiled and shelled, tofu. Added, filled in fried soy skin to for Chinese New Year diners bond while waiting their! The simmering steamboat represents more than just good food keep the stock in a fridge for up 5... Click & Collect option, Seri Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, 10470, premium steamboat ingredients key to out! Can adjust the peppercorns to taste and freshen things up with some parsley steamboat Ready to serve all. To go for a refreshing dining experience are generously placed around a pot and bring water to boil is a.