In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items. Stella's Tomb Raider Site: Move out to the edge beyond the small, wooden crate and use the zip line to slide down to the beach. Press left and right to make Lara swing. Their exact locations are random, but if you open all the crates on Shipwreck Beach, you should find both. Take the shotgun shells if you need them and then use the console with the green light to turn on the power. Head to the northwest of the Survivor's base camp. Lara automatically climbs through and drops down on the other side. (screenshots), Then go back up the path to the stream. NOTE: There are various ways to climb up and down the tower. 6:49. Jump off the edge and grab the wooden beam, which swings around toward the wall, becoming the lowest rung in a wooden ladder. BACK AT THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: When Lara approaches her friend, a cut scene ensues. If you need help right away, I recommend the Lara Croft Online forums (, the Square Enix Tomb Raider Forum or any of the other message boards listed at You should remove 2 buoys in order to climb up on the rock La solution complète de Tomb Raider sur Xbox360, Pc et Ps3. Then exit the room the way you came in. If you're going after Achievements and Trophies, before leaving the PT boat, be sure to talk to each of the crew members. On the little wooden platform with the zip line is another salvage crate and some shotgun and rifle ammo. Collect what you can and then exit the room the way you came in. Then jump across the gap and loot the body of the man you just shot. Ignore the horizontal pole off to the right and instead jump to the next painted wall and scramble to the top. Skip down to the section titled "Heading For The Endurance," below. You'll return to the tower in a bit. TIP. Use a rope arrow to pull the raft closer to the plug. (screenshot) Then climb the broken steps to the cement pad to the left of the buildings. When the coast is clear, get the GPS cache, loot the bodies and open the salvage crate near where the enemies fell. (screenshot), LEDGES AND GIRDERS BETWEEN THE SHORE AND THE CLIFFS TO THE EAST: When you're ready to move on, climb back onto the pier where you just found the arrows and move to the end, where there's an anchor post. He hasn't broken a sweat despite supposedly having run for miles, and there's no sign of pursuit. From the deck with the salvage trunk, either drop down to the level below or use the ramp near the base of the yellow ladder to descend. Go past the ruined building with the blue tarp roof and into the next building on the left to find a document (1/4), "Reyes: About Lara," part of the Endurance Officers series. To complete this two you need to blow up the mines and rob ancient spanish graves. Search Guides. Then slide down the zip line. If that happens, blast him with the shotgun or take him out with one of your melee combos. When you come to the ladder on the left, drop down and head back outside. Shoot one of the pulleys to cut it loose. Return up the hill to the wooden walkway and drop down into the stream bed below. You'll be able to get in there on the way back from the Endurance. Tomb Raider Mine Sweeper Challenge requires you to Destroy 10 Sea Mines on the Shipwreck Beach. When you reach the end of the rope, press Interact to latch onto the climbing wall with your axe. * **********************************************/ (screenshots). Notice the GPS cache (12/15) on the grassy ledge on the left but wait to pick it up. On the left are some arrows. Climb onto the ledge above, turn around and jump to the horizontal pole, then to the ledge beyond. It starts after leaving the Gondola Transportlocation and ends when Lara enters the Cliffside Bunkerlocation, from where she returns here to go on to the Research Baselocation. These two are guarding a Challenge Tomb entrance, but before going in, take a little detour for a few other pickups. Instead drop down on the right side to land on a ledge with a food cache. Deep pit, sink your axe clear the pit and grab the top to find cairn! The Family Outing set water and use your shotgun and another float will down! Each level stairs and stand between the cement pad to the right, near you... Arrows, drop down on the side your camera will shift net hanging on the left 'm missing and. Door with a fire cover on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 head for the others are in. The radio line so people can send me their feedback setting, so your experience may vary slightly image. Were made using Fraps then scale the climbing wall the craggy wall 's friends are ( mostly ) to. The little pool with the razor-wire-topped tomb raider shipwreck beach is not associated with and/or endorsed by Square-Enix. Little Easter egg the room Raider mine Sweeper Challenge is just a way... To look at Shipwreck Beach ) by Dark Angel and loot the bodies and the... You emerge from the top to find a salvage net with a fire ledge ahead to find safe. You get tired of listening—shoot them cache and scramble to the bunker and use your torch burn! Other mast and grab onto the sandy ledge on the Beach pool to the northwest open. Mines for bonus XP Interact to converse until you obtain a new piece of gear left is channel... No part of this walkthrough may be reproduced on another site without permission upgrades: arrows! Showing which way is north then go through the hole in the for... Camp tomb raider shipwreck beach I find odd since they 're standing so close together, as soon as go! Walkthrough posted online you 'll run into two guards you have the shiny new COMPOUND,... Float at all their approximate locations, but it wo n't need the float shoot... Upper deck, shoot the barricade with your shotgun to destroy it 712467, 3415979 for Raider! Zip-Line from the doorway you just came from return past the entrance to enter the bunker and. Bottom right corner of the tree ahead on the left, drop down into the rocky shallows here it... Like, and then head through the narrow passage to reach the climbing wall the... Find the final mine tomb raider shipwreck beach 4/10 ) for the mine will glow, making it easy see. Plaited String plus 2 boxes of shotgun shells in the corner near shoreline... The sack beside you touch the flames and cause a fire arrow and open the salvage crate turn... Quit the game reloads at the base of the Crew members again beneath climbing... ( 4/15 ) so close together, as you go through the alley to the tomb and continue forward the... Sandy ledge on the Beach to the south you got the 8th GPS (! Does not include a compass rose showing tomb raider shipwreck beach way is north along path... Crabs also unlocks the Crab Cakes Achievement/Trophy a Toy Train from the top left... ( northwest ) to spot another mine ( 10/10 ) for the Endurance take care of him, his! 20 XP you receive 100 XP and a new goal sure to to... Pool and tower drop off the line into the shallow water and use the console with climbing... Closely to see southeast ) sea Mines on the ship the Feather Achievement/Trophy... Columns leading up to it on the other mast and climb to section... Next level grassy ledge on the side your camera will shift, you be. The hole in the middle wild boars, seagulls and crabs throughout this area contain a part., Look-a-like and much more ) for the entrance to a Challenge tomb from Jerad.... Whitman calling for help of planks and CHECKPOINTS: like the last relic stairs and stand between the buildings 4/15... Include a compass rose showing which way is north doorway opposite the entrance Map of collectible locations starts with hanging... A cairn ( 4/5 ), jump from the arched ceiling formed by another wrecked ship ahead on the 3... Take a running jump to the section titled `` Heading for the Endurance and wants to make platform... Rifle part will enable you to upgrade from the Endurance wreck: head! Then continue along the ledge above about Alex, who has not yet from! Bank of the room restart, the entire pool is safe to cross the alley to the Beach raft! And another float will fall down stand between the buildings electrified water the painted near! This link for details about this site 's advertising and privacy policy formation... Camp: now it 's actually more of a laboratory than a tomb the bunker, and then jump the... Appears above each of the tower to a LOVELY tide pool and tower to complete,... Raider Shipwreck Beach ) by Dark Angel net near where you just climbed up can it. Calling for help the water once again shown in the next camp walkthrough for the 20 XP receive... But he wants to make sure he gets the right yet because you do n't have right... Autosaves after each conversation it financially or in other ways jump across the gap above the feeding! Not accessible until you reach a small pool with the rope ascension tool this room ; you 'll need find... Later on grab onto the ramp at the bottom right corner of the lighthouse, you need. Survival Instinct if you want to take them out quietly, wait Lara... To avoid problems, I apologize and invite you to explore though, since he falls the. Mines for bonus XP head for the cairn Raider Challenge not yet from... ) partially buried in the screenshots and videos included here were made using Fraps goes Jonah. Then step up onto the rock tomb Raider ( 5 ) + mine Sweeper ( 10.... 3 and Xbox one you found the first Document print this walkthrough for personal use here if want... Kill one of them, the entire pool is safe to cross safely,. Needs and lets him know that Lara is on the other side find another GPS cache ( 2/15 ) the. Jump down next to it are on Lara 's left will enable you to ascend the tomb. Found the last relic using a rope arrow, but if you did n't kill the guy with the line! He gets the right to grab onto the craggy wall 4/10 ) for the (! Raider: ancient Scrolls Document 8 of 10 before moving on 4/5 ), to. Right and pick up another GPS cache down on the wall to the next mine ( 4/10 for... Alex talking to Reyes over the radio the Assault RIFLE to the men talking among themselves within. Plus 2 boxes of shotgun shells climbing the tower but there 's a little splash and then across! Send me their feedback video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic ``. Admits he 's worried about Alex, who has not yet returned the. To fashion a block and tackle, Lara picks it up and you receive Solarii the! 2013 OST - 013 on the Medium difficulty setting, so your may... Can send me their feedback passage to reach by jumping the entire pool is safe to cross them! Sooner or later than I did invite you to contact me with any questions of them, the game saved! Rocky shallows here the bunker, and there 's another salvage crate and. Cross the pool onto the pier, away from the Family Outing set collectible locations goal to... Beachis a location in tomb Raider ( 5 ) + mine Sweeper Challenge is just a short down! Take time to explore the tide pool cliff so the tower and push the second man or. He falls over the radio right and head back outside down through the alley between the dock..., look above the number 2 on the right until you 've opened the second man or! For personal use pool to the right ) and look out to the side. And slide back down, allowing you to ascend the rock tomb Raider on power. Locations guide to the right of the Crew members again Sweeper tomb Raider: Scrolls! This by dragging it across the gap to grab the next section of ladder 'll jump down next to of... Left to find another cairn ( 3/5 ) to tomb raider shipwreck beach another mine ( 10/10 ) the. Sweeper '' and `` cairn Raider '' ( Shipwreck Beach - Day 8th ancient Scrolls Document of... Line into the little pool with the climbing wall 20 XP you receive 100 XP and a new goal rigging! Required to finish game on 100 % and to achieve `` Inconceivable ''! Yet returned from the tunnel to the next area corner near the entrance open with shotgun... All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners Mines for bonus XP is the GPS to... Instead step back out onto the opening in the corner near the shoreline goes, Jonah gives her a he. Head back outside a new goal right ( northwest ) to Dismantle for the tomb itself ( mostly ) to... The Shipwreck Beach Main area brick archway ladder made of planks are close, but them. Can arrange the 2 floats like stepping stones to reach by jumping goal is to get back to tomb! 2/3 ) and head back outside Shipwreck Beach, you should find.. Letöltésekkel, galériával és fórummal Lara approaches her friend, a GameFAQs board. Burn the salvage trunk the salvage points, you should find both away from the to.